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15th-Sep-2013 03:29 am - Hiatus
lovedbyflowers: (Default)
Hi, Namika here to say I've put Labrador on hiatus for this month... Just don't have much RP motivation right now. I'll try my best to get through his backtags in the meantime! Thanks!
27th-Aug-2013 06:31 pm - Hiatus
redcladidealist: (Up at the stars)
Hey, just letting everyone know that I am going to be out of town from Thursday through Monday. Going to Anime Fest, woo! I really need to use tomorrow to get ready, though, so as of tomorrow I will be on hiatus. Tags are likely to be virtually nonexistent. Sorry to anyone I'm threading with!

If anyone really needs something before I leave, you can PM me here or on plurk ([ profile] nivisecond). I'll check my e-mail tomorrow at least, but after that, all bets are off.

This affects Lloyd Irving (this journal), who will be on autopilot for this.
16th-Aug-2013 04:32 pm - hiatus extension
terranullius: (pic#6394516)
Hey, guys. A few of you may have noticed from plurk, but Real Life's gotten a little overwhelming for me as Dragon*con approaches and school is starting back up and a lot of other little things are happening. I'm extending my hiatus for the entirely of August until after the convention on September 3rd. Hopefully life will settle down again.

The is for Terra ([personal profile] terranullius) and Mr. D ([personal profile] thewinedude). Unfortunately, this means that I'm also going to drop most of the threads I have going currently. I'll tag what I can when I can, but a fair amount of it I won't be able to get back to. Please contact me about handwaving the ends of those scenes, or else please let me know if you really want to continue them and I definitely will (even if they're ancient by RP standards). ;;
14th-Aug-2013 04:13 pm - HIATUS (8/27-9/5)
symmetrophile: (Default)

...Which means Death the Kid will be sleeping like the dead from August 27 to September 5.

He may or may not be updating to the end of Soul Eater during this time, this is pending mod approval, which would mean I need to change like 200+ icons. OH BOY.

I leave you with relevant scenery porn.
12th-Aug-2013 11:46 am - Hiatus!
paladaddy: (Default)
Hey guys! I'm heading off to Gen Con on Wednesday, and I'm going to be busy packing/cleaning/working for today and tomorrow. So, I'm calling a hiatus for Shiro (this journal), Nanaki ([personal profile] findsrisks), and Yotsuba ([personal profile] fourleafed). All of them will be on autopilot until I return, which should be August 19th.

However, I'm also sending my computer in for repairs when I leave (finally getting my keyboard fixed), so if it takes longer than a week for my computer to come back then my hiatus will be longer too. But hopefully that won't be the case, and I'll see all of you next Monday!
7th-Aug-2013 12:24 am - Hiatus
doctor_dragoon: (snoring)
Heading for Otakon this weekend, so I'm putting Yukio on hiatus starting now. He's going the route of mysterious coma, so I guess he just... won't be getting up for work tomorrow. |Da Family members are free to do with him as they please.

Dunno if I'll have net at the con, but even if I do... con. Yukio should be back in action in about a week~
1st-Aug-2013 11:36 am - Hiatus
bestestfurrend: (chibinep)
Just posting a hiatus notice for Nepeta here ([personal profile] bestestfurrend) as I'll be out of the country for the next three weeks and busy doing lots of fun stuff with Tavros-mun and other friends :D! Some tags may trickle in, but overall she's going to be on autopilot.

See you guys when I'm back!
29th-Jul-2013 12:12 pm - Hiatus + Drop
mysterical: (Default)
In light of the fact that RL has made tagging a pain staking endeavor, I'm going to have to take a hiatus in order to catch up. That'll affect Tear here starting today and lasting until about mid-August... I'll be replying to backtags, but that means that I won't be tagging anything new.

Also, I will be dropping Kanji [personal profile] sewdamncute because I can't keep up with two here and two at [community profile] luceti. I'm really sorry to all the CR he's built up in the short time he was here. It's just too much for me right now and I have to cut my loses somewhere. Thanks for understanding!

Tear will be on autopilot while I'm gone, probably trying to fix up her house.

27th-Jul-2013 01:06 am - Hiatus
fistfullofmagic: (Default)
Endless here. Going to be on a couple of rapid-succession vacations through the majority of August, so Dhaos here is going to be coma'd in a somewhat spectacular fashion. I'll be able to post AC I'm pretty sure, but I'm comaing him early so I can try and maybe wrap up a few threads before I go since I'll be sans computer starting next Saturday for a while. Might take a day or two after I'm back just to relax too.

So, um, yeah. I guess I'll be seeing you guys in about a month. Ciao.
26th-Jul-2013 03:38 pm - hiatus and PB change!
knowledge: (Default)
Hi all, just letting you know that I'm continuing my hiatus to the 10th of August due to family reasons (my mum was diagnosed with cancer). I WILL be selectively tagging and trying to finish up some old threads though <3.

Also, I've decided to change my PB from Hayden Panetierre to Britt Robertson, who looks like this:

So if Annabeth suddenly looks different then you'll know why!

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