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As requested, everybody is free to use this post as a catch all plotting post for the upcoming curse. We've noticed that people have already started to put together their basic concepts, or are starting to look for people to perhaps involve in their backstories, so please, use this post as you see fit to get help if you are still torn between concepts and would like some help, perhaps find people who you would like to team up with (or form a superhero rivalry with) or would like to see if there are others out there who have similar ideas as yours which would perhaps lead to cool future plotting, go right ahead!

Personally our suggestion is that if you have already started to put together your basic concepts, post what you have of your AU already in a comment to this post, and then everybody can see what sort of ideas are already out there, and perhaps find people they want to create a AU with together or start plotting with already for next week.

Not everyone who signs up to be a villain will be chosen, so please remember to make a hero back story too, just in case!

Success to you all and remember

10th-Jul-2013 08:52 pm - Is it a bird?
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Gather 'round and lend us your ears.

Because we are going a bit more extravagant for the upcoming curse than normal, we wanted to give everybody a timely heads up and the opportunity to plot out some things for their characters.

The next upcoming curse is... )
1st-Jun-2013 04:29 pm - Summer Festival Sign Up
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◣ Summer Festival Info◢

This is for the Festival's Contests and Events.

Baking Contest on Tuesday
6 signed up.

Pie eating Contest on Wednesday
6 signed up.

Karaoke Contest on Thursday
6 signed up.

Three-legged Race on Thursday
2 signed up.

Chocobo Race on Friday
6 signed up.

We'll post up results by Thursday at the latest. We will be picking winners randomly. Please use the form below to sign up for the contests and races!

If they are signing up for a baking contest, please include what they are making. Thank you.

About the Silver Sand Dollars
At the end of the event they may be exchanged for prizes offered at the festival or starfish tokens.
1st-May-2013 06:29 am
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This is just Dees here with a little announcement regarding the still currently ongoing coral fix up log that you can find here. First of all, it is never too late to tag into it, so if you still wanna thread with C or Station Master go right ahead and jump in.

Over here you can find a summary of information that has already been discussed/'discovered' in the log, so if you want a quick refresher on what is the what, just check that out.

But the thing that I wanted to make you aware of is that we tossed up an additional thread in the log that can be found here. A sign up can also be found there if you want to get involved in the mod posts that'll go up later this week. We are shooting for having a mod post up tomorrow with C, catching the fish, getting the first marks changed etc, and hopefully having another mod post up later in the week for the group that will be led by Station Master to go down in the bubble and fix the mechanical trouble. This one will have a bit more coordinating and planning, so please make sure to sign up if you wanna be involved so I can figure where to all put you people.

The sign ups for the fish catching/early mark changing are open indefinitely basically, and we very much encourage people to go catching fish in small teams. They are quick and tricky little things and the best strategy for catching them is having one person chase them towards another person for capture.

The sign ups for the coral fix up team will be open until the log goes up which will hopefully be friday or saturday. The quicker you sign up, the better it is for me though.

Yes, lets go ahead and get this bubble fixed.

I guess you can also sign up your characters on this post, see if i'll stop you
13th-Feb-2013 08:08 pm - VALENTINE'S - Blind Date List
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◣ Blind Dates ◢

Valentine's is just around the corner, and our event at the host club will be starting soon! For those brave enough (or unlucky enough!) to have signed up for a blind date, the luck of the draw has finally decided your fate for the evening. Below you will find your character's table number, as well as the person(s) they will be sharing dinner with. Keep in mind that ICly, they will only know their number, and that the masks they are given will prevent them from being recognizable or from recognizing the person they are sitting across from!

May I show you to your table? )

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask below!
7th-Feb-2013 10:22 pm - Valentine's day!
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As seen in this post here, Vatheon will be having a host club sponsored Valentine's day event this Valentine. And not just any sort of Valentine's day event, a blind date event.

The event itself in split in two parts; first up will be a nice dinner, and afterwards there will be a freer opportunity for dancing, mingling and drinking. This will all be conducted in a giant mingle post which will go up on Thursday the 14th of February.

Everybody will be free to attend this event. Single, in a relationship, involved in the blind date part or not, everybody will be welcome. While, of course, the dinner part of the evening will primarily be for the blind dates to meet and talk, the dancing and drinks part afterwards will be completely open for everybody to drop by. Maybe you want to come check out all the other couple, maybe laugh a little at a friend's horrific blind date experience, maybe your own date was a bust and now you want to forget the whole evening, or maybe you are just here for the booze. Who cares. Come join in!

Now, as for the blind date portion of the evening, here's the deal. Over here you will find a sign up sheet. Remember you only have to sign up if you want your character to attend the blind date portion of the night. The sign-ups will be open until the 12th of February, 23:59 EST. The match up list will be posted on Wednesday the 13th of February. Also, while ICly we totally allow (and encourage) other characters signing each other up, characters pranking each other etc, OOCly we only allow the actual player of the character to sign up their character. This to prevent miscommunication or people getting signed up against their will.

However that won't be all. More, you ask? Yes, more, I say. The blind date part will come with a little unforeseen twist. Unbeknownst to Zelos, the masks he procured for the event were not completely untampered with by Vatheon itself. Each mask will be carrying a small magical spell, completely hiding the wearer's identity from being recognized. All in all, you could be sitting across your best friend, and you still wouldn't be able to recognize them. It is as if the magic will keep a character from really putting together one and one. Even a spoken name will come across to them as a pleasant fuzzing in the ears. The magic spell is undetectable while worn, and it won't be until someone takes off their mask that they suddenly will be recognizable.

So come all, and take this chance of meeting something completely new! Or maybe someone you knew already. You won't know until you take off your masks at the end of the dinner.

If there are any further (ooc) questions, please don't hesitate to post them here and we'll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.
15th-Dec-2012 04:18 pm - EVENT - The Gift Giver
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◣ The Gift Giver ◢

As the afternoon trickles on, some citizens of the bubble might notice something unusual. You could have sworn you just saw this particular item earlier this morning. Your wallet, maybe. A picture of your mother. A lucky keychain. It was there, you just saw it. Perhaps you took it off to be cleaned or set aside to be polished, but now it's seemed to have completely vanished. Did you misplace it on accident? Surely you aren't that clumsy!

Before you can tear out your apartment too much, there is a knock on your front door. Sneaky! You creak it open to find a package sitting very quietly, wrapped all up in a beautiful sea urchin-and-starfish wrapping paper, with a large tag simply stating "From: Sandy Claws". It's addressed to you, apparently!

...And is that the giant lobster from the plaza turning around the corner? Hmm.

You roll your eyes as you tear off the paper. But... wait, as you unwrap this gift... wow, what kind of gift is this? Did someone get the wrong address? It could be something worn or bizarre or simply out-of-place, but clearly it is not yours. Right?

And hey, your wallet is still missing! What kind of game is this??????

Those who signed up for our mystery event will now find that a precious item has been swapped with something new! Unless otherwise specified, there are no indications to who the item belongs to - it has just been mysteriously snatched and delivered to your character's doorstep. They may experiment with it, or they may let it sit on the table as an odd centerpiece, or they may try to find out who exactly it belongs to. The choice is up to them. If a character wouldn't be the type to return whatever they were given within a few days time, make sure to let us know! The locals may not have it all together some times, but they try to make up for their mistakes. Keeping partially-stolen property will call for some intervention!

You can find what your character has received (along with the item's actual owner) on the list below.

Tis the season for gifts, under the cut! )
Feel free to use this post for plotting, communication, or questions for the mods!
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