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21st-Aug-2013 12:36 pm - Question regarding the CR Meme
not_heavens_adam: (Glasses)
Hello, all.

Seeing as 1) the game is ending soon-ish, 2) Apps will close permanently before then and 3) the traffic last CR meme was next to nothing, I just wanted some quick input on if I should keep posting it.

I was posting it because some people need an open opportunity to approach people who they want CR with but don't really know how to go about it as well as giving newbies the chance to find some CR right out of the gate. Since newbies will be in short order and not everyone wants new CR so close to the end, I can see how there wouldn't be a need for the meme anymore.

Long story short: if you want it, let me know, I'll keep posting it, otherwise I might just leave off since there's no point if it's not going to be used.

3rd-Aug-2013 10:52 pm - OOC Intro
goodnightsweetlisteners: (Community radio)
Greetings Vatheonites! This is Cnd (player of Dualscar and Sollux) and I've brought a non-Homestuck into the game.

Cecil is from the wildly popular and bizarre podcast Welcome to Night Vale. He's the host of a news radio show on the local radio station.

Cecil is a consummate reporter, and pretty unflappable. My goal for him in Vatheon is to faithfully cover the news from now until the end of the game.

For that, I need you!

If your character has done anything you think Cecil might report about, please drop me a line. It doesn't have to be anything very public. Cecil seems to have the uncanny ability to know and report about private matters that he couldn't possibly have been there for - for example, reporting the thoughts of certain people at times - though normally he does stick to newsworthy disasters, public events, and local colour.

This will be way more fun (and easier for me) if you give me lots of material.

Also, please use this as a permission post. If you're okay with me trawling your character's private posts for material, let me know. Otherwise, I will confine it to public events that people could have witnessed, and submissions.

Edit: I meant using the post linked above as a permissions post! But here is fine, too XD

1st-Jan-2013 03:50 pm
votively: (Default)
Greetings, Vatheon! Jae again, with three pieces of news for you.

This is Calcedny Arcome (aka Chalcedony Arkham, Chalcedny, Cal, Chal, what have you) from Tales of Hearts. He's a sixteen-year-old religious knight with a severe devotion to his empress, and his weapon is the breastplate that sprouts wings and spits out a sword powered by his ~heart~. He's nice, but can be a little cold and downright touchy if accused of not being able to make a girl happy.

With his acceptance, I've dropped Kurow ([personal profile] lunaria). I'm sorry to everyone who had to put up with his slow as molasses tags, but it was nevertheless great to write his interactions! Thanks to all of you and my oh-so-lovely castmates for making his time memorable.

Most importantly, I've got the go-ahead to run a test drive meme on [community profile] starfishbucks come a week or so before the next application cycle. I suggested this to encourage more mingling in voice tests, since a mass entry would ideally eliminate some timidity between players, new or old. Do let me know your thoughts and ideas, so that we might make this a good experience for those who want to try out the game's setting!

With that out of the way, my plurk is now [ profile] welzes if anyone would like to add me there.
22nd-Dec-2012 04:20 pm - Re: Christmas Concert
akumanotrill: (Default)
First, thanks to everyone who replied to Hijiri's Christmas concert post. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'll be posting up a log for it in the next few days, probably on the 24th? Though my 24th is most people's 23rd... XD;; Backlogging is welcome as I know many people are probably busy at this time.

Anyway, it'll be a pretty informal concert. It'll be at the plaza most probably? (Unless anyone has any other suggestions on the location?) Hijiri will somehow manage to push a piano out there! Other people are free to join in midway by singing or grabbing their own musical instruments.

So far our musicians are (please tell me if I've made any mistakes! >_<):
Libertà - trumpet
Jade - electric bass
Ioder - flute
Motochika - shamisen, electric guitar
Cain - piano
Marty - guitar
Hijiri - violin

As for what songs they'll play, I don't know yet! Probably the usual Christmas fare? So any ideas are very welcome! This also serves as a plotting post. So just throw all your ideas here!

4th-Oct-2012 01:01 pm - ATP Ad
not_heavens_adam: (Well hello~)
So, as you may or may not know, ATP is this weekend and I'd be willing to post a whole-game ATP ad for anyone wanting castmates or certain characters in-game.

For those of you unfamiliar with ATP, it's like an rp job-fair that's held once a month on the first Saturday of the month. Games make posts advertising themselves and saying what characters they'd like to have and, in another section, muns offer up characters they'd like to app.

So, if you have characters you'd like to see in-game (doesn't have to just be castmates if there's a character you've always wanted cr with, that works too) just fill out the nifty form below (leave the 'textarea' bit in there, please) and I'll throw it together.

Of course, since I have to make it look all pretty, I'd appreciate it if everyone had their requests in by Saturday at 6:30pm EST.


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Yeah so I probably should have done this earlier, but I have a permissions post for Maka's Soul Perception abilities that I'd like to have filled out, if that's okay.

Also I was wondering if anybody that plays characters with abilities like this or similar would want to do a masterpost of permissions for the sensing of ~FEELINGS~ and other things usually hidden.
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Hey, Vatheon. do you all feel about murder plots?

So, you may or may not have interacted with Riffael here, and the thing about this doctor is that he's irredeemably evil. He uses people to further his own goals and feels zero compassion for anyone.

Now, he's from late 18th century England, and has a distaste for anything he deems unfitting for society's standards of that time. He also has a general hate for most of life and if he sees someone with power, he wants it for his own. Consequently, he feels the bubble is a giant anomaly of freaks and power sources waiting to be tapped.

So what will he do in response to this? Kidnap a few tools and use them to further his own research. This is where you all come in. I need people who want to murder and/or torture their characters.
Plot details )
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OKAY SO. There seem to be a few of us who want to do sparring things and I don't have you all on Plurk, so rather than having a million logs for sparring things, how do you feel about having one, general sparring log? Similar format to the mod event mingling posts?

I'm thinking maybe in the park, possibly with dummies and/or practice weapons for those who want to learn/would rather not get stabbed in the gut. During this curse, or after? I'm all for more input on this. And I am also cool with setting up the log :>

Yay? Nay? Ten, go to bed? Or something else?
not_heavens_adam: (Default)
Hello, Vatheon~ So, as some of you may have noticed or even tagged into, Johnny's making a school which is really just a fancy tutoring program. I've had some questions brought up, so I thought I ought to just make an OOC post. |'D

The 'school' won't be run as a Monday-Friday thing, think something more along the lines of college or something were the classes are offered on different days, only even less formal because the classes are offered only when their respective teachers are willing to offer them; no one said the system was perfect.

Consequently, the possibility of schedule has been brought up. If enough people want a schedule, I'll make one listing the classes offered, who's teaching them, and when they'll be held. (For example, I know Tatsumi will be teaching Economics on Saturdays.)

If a schedule is what everyone wants, then I'm going to need to know when the teachers are willing to teach so I can make said schedule.

Aaaand one last note, for continuity's sake, you can just assume the classes will start after the fish olympics. (Who can go to school with all that excitement, I mean, really?)

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up here or on AIM at lysoke.

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