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Terra ([personal profile] terranullius) wrote in [community profile] vatheonooc2013-08-16 04:32 pm
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hiatus extension

Hey, guys. A few of you may have noticed from plurk, but Real Life's gotten a little overwhelming for me as Dragon*con approaches and school is starting back up and a lot of other little things are happening. I'm extending my hiatus for the entirely of August until after the convention on September 3rd. Hopefully life will settle down again.

The is for Terra ([personal profile] terranullius) and Mr. D ([personal profile] thewinedude). Unfortunately, this means that I'm also going to drop most of the threads I have going currently. I'll tag what I can when I can, but a fair amount of it I won't be able to get back to. Please contact me about handwaving the ends of those scenes, or else please let me know if you really want to continue them and I definitely will (even if they're ancient by RP standards). ;;

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