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30th-Aug-2012 10:12 pm - Murder plot chosens
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Hello, Vatheon~ So, RNG and I had a nice long chat and these are the names it picked out. I took into consideration preferences when it came to dates so if any of these don't work, let me know. If, for whatever reason, someone does not want to be a part of this plot anymore, please let me know so I can RNG with the names left over and pick a replacement.

So, here are the chosen victims:
Names of chosen )
As a reminder, the first three will be instantly killed with no sign of who killed them. The other five will not be killed but sedated, drugged, tortured/experimented on, and then dropped in an alley to be found. Whether or not your character lives is up to you but I need the people in phase 2 to tell me for my own reference, at least.

Also, as a reminder, the fifth victim will not die, as they will be the ones who will have their memories, largely, intact and will be able to identify Riffael when they are found.
Notes for phase 1 victims )
Phase 2 victims )
Okay, so, if anyone has any questions, feel free to leave them here. As I said in my hiatus post, I won't have internet this weekend, but I'll get back to any questions or necessary revisions on Monday.

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Hey, Vatheon. do you all feel about murder plots?

So, you may or may not have interacted with Riffael here, and the thing about this doctor is that he's irredeemably evil. He uses people to further his own goals and feels zero compassion for anyone.

Now, he's from late 18th century England, and has a distaste for anything he deems unfitting for society's standards of that time. He also has a general hate for most of life and if he sees someone with power, he wants it for his own. Consequently, he feels the bubble is a giant anomaly of freaks and power sources waiting to be tapped.

So what will he do in response to this? Kidnap a few tools and use them to further his own research. This is where you all come in. I need people who want to murder and/or torture their characters.
Plot details )
22nd-Jul-2012 06:52 pm - Announcement;
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Hey, Vatheonites, Cal here!

This has actually been a long time in coming, but after two years and some odd months, I'll be stepping down as a moderator. Vatheon is my baby and you all have been wonderful, wonderful players; I couldn't ask for a better playerbase or co-mods. But life has gotten too crazy for me to devote the time necessary to Vatheon these days.

We'll be opening up mod apps, and I'll be sticking around to help out until the new mods are chosen and settled into their positions, no worries about that. We'll be looking for multiple, so please apply if you feel you can help out! I'll step down when everything is smooth sailing, whether that be a matter of days or a week or two. <3 We just wanted to let you guys know so that everyone is on the same page here.

I'll still be here as a player, as well! Minato and Matthew will be sticking around. It's just time for me to turn in my mod hat and let some people able to dedicate the proper time to this wonderful game to take the reins.

Again, mod applications can be found here. Thank you all for your understanding!

- Cal
5th-Jun-2012 07:21 am - Event update
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First off, sorry for getting this out so late. This was supposed to go up yesterday and then it did not.

Anyway, for those that have signed up for the Capture the Flag tournament

here are the match ups )
30th-May-2012 03:07 pm - Event Announcement
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Gather around everybody; Dees here with one more announcement.

As if next week isn't going to be exciting enough already with the new powers, new bodies, and oh god what is that even going on, there will be one more thing happening. This is designed especially for your characters to test out their new skills and is very much opt in. Namely on Saturday 9th of June, Vatheon will be hosting its first, but perhaps not last --

drum roll )
30th-Dec-2011 01:46 pm - Announcement;
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Hello, Vatheonites! With the poll coming to a close with an outstanding voting turnout rate (seriously, 99 votes? Impressive, guys), it’s looking as though the game is indeed moving to Dreamwidth. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience thus far; we know it’s been a difficult week or two, but thanks for sticking through with it whether you are staying with the game or not.

So now in the interests of making this move a little easier, we’re going to lay out some things in this post.

More information here )

As always, if there are any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to post below or contact Cal, Dees or Thorny!
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