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藤本獅郎 :: Shiro Fujimoto ([personal profile] paladaddy) wrote in [community profile] vatheonooc2013-08-12 11:46 am
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Hey guys! I'm heading off to Gen Con on Wednesday, and I'm going to be busy packing/cleaning/working for today and tomorrow. So, I'm calling a hiatus for Shiro (this journal), Nanaki ([personal profile] findsrisks), and Yotsuba ([personal profile] fourleafed). All of them will be on autopilot until I return, which should be August 19th.

However, I'm also sending my computer in for repairs when I leave (finally getting my keyboard fixed), so if it takes longer than a week for my computer to come back then my hiatus will be longer too. But hopefully that won't be the case, and I'll see all of you next Monday!

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