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25th-Apr-2013 08:24 pm - and back!
contemptibility: (✛ and chased from the land)
Jan here! Now that exams are done, I'll be coming off hiatus, meaning that Tiir will be waking up from his coma. I'll be backtagging old threads, but if anyone wants to drop them after all this time, then I completely understand. o7

21st-Apr-2013 10:10 pm - Coming off a (very long) hiatus!
dancinglydescend: (Default)
Hi Vatheon! I've had a pretty weird month that started with an unexpected surgery in the family and continued with an expected but hard death of a pet, so I'm only just now getting back to the game.

uwu Luckily for you lovely people, that means there's a very confused and slightly idiotic phantom thief-cum-vigilante ready to wake up and get his absurdness on! So if anyone wants him to come crash their posts or logs, or would like to crash into whatever I get up for him, either lemme know or just crash away~
8th-Apr-2013 08:14 pm
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Hello Vatheon! I am tentatively going to upgrade Karkat's hiatus to a slowatus, meaning he should be up and awake again soon enough. I've still got a lot going on in my life, though, which is why I won't be at full speed just yet.

Sorry to anyone I had a thread with before I took my hiatus, as any standing threads have been dropped. This way I have a clean slate to start with and don't have to worry about taking on more than I can handle at this time.
13th-Jan-2013 07:59 am - Back!~
booyaka_boom: (Default)

Guess who's back?! Jetlagged like mad but will be posting and tagging etc etc.

Also, Scotland is like 33 degrees colder than BKK.

Is there anything crazy exciting Selphie missed out on?


Beth xx

12th-Oct-2012 12:56 pm
asea: (90)
How fare thee, Vatheon? Methinks it hath been too long.

I'm going to stop there.

I return! I'll resume backtagging, though don't feel pressured to reply if the thread has gone stale for you. Let me know if you want me to tag into an older post, too. As a reminder, Walter has been on autopilot stalking Shirley, whereas Kurow ([personal profile] lunaria) stirred from sleep coma yesterday.

And hello to all new players! I'm Jae, and I play the two aforementioned characters. Welcome. c:
14th-Sep-2012 01:55 pm - aaaaaand back
contemptibility: (✛ and chased from the land)
Almost done with the first week of classes, and while I'm still a little slow in the tagging department, I think I should take my achievements of tag nirvana as a sign that it's time to return. /o/

Thus, Tiir will be returning from his canon update. While rather pissed off, whoops. I will... put up his return after I run off to class.

BUT YES it's nice to be back and welcome to all the newcomers—I'm January, and I just play this guy here from the series with the most redundant name. ♥
12th-Sep-2012 05:51 am - A TRIUMPHANT RETURN
bufudine: (hey. a naked girl :|)
I am back early and prac is... still going ha ha ha. It's great though, albeit exhausting and stressful! I'll be getting to the tags I owe, as well as putting up the log for Serph's return! I'm going to still be slow, since I have 3 days of prac left and then 2 weeks' worth of work to finish in uh. 3 days after that. Yeah.

To all the newbies who came in this round while I was gone, hi! I'm Ten, who only plays this silent protagonist with a great butt and a serious case of the munchies for humans, and I hope you enjoy your stay in Vatheon! :3
keepsthefire: ([✠] Okumura means "awesome")
So passes another Kumoricon for me. 2012 was fun, our numbers went up and it was good year over all! I picked up some great swag, managed to snag a few pictures, and met some really awesome people.

And with the boyfriend going home tonight (cryyyyyy T_T ) I will make my return to Vatheon! I'll start waking up characters soon, and I got through all my back tags yesterday, so bring on the new tags! \o/
4th-Sep-2012 07:42 pm - return... I think.
demonicbookworm: (eh well you see)
Hello everyone, long time no see.

You remember when I said it's only going to be a slowatus because my PC isn't working too well? Well, it kinda turned into hiatus and once my computer was a little better I suddenly lost internet connection for about a week due to some wires getting damaged... Uh, well... It's all fixed now and shouldn't happen again.

In any case, I'll be backtagging all the things and also replying to all the comments in my inbox, so don't be surprised if you suddenly get a response on something that was month ago. I apologize for everything in advance. ;_;

It's good to be back ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ ♥
3rd-Sep-2012 12:39 pm - Hello, Vatheon, I am home
not_heavens_adam: (*Drained | Goddamn it....)
I'm back from A-Fest and I see you all have been busy. The bed at the hotel was shite, so I'm going to go crash, but all of the tags and planning when I wake up.

For those of you in phase two of the murder plot: I would love to go over what's going to happen to your characters (when I wake up). Just let me know when or shoot me a message through PM, IM, Plurk, or email ( and we can discuss /o/

As for the boys, they'll be out cold till tomorrow so I can crash and catch up on things. |'D

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