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8th-Aug-2013 10:49 pm - -1 Melodist
mysterical: (relieved)
Sorry, Vatheon, people. I just... I can't really keep up with two games and I have lost the drive to do any of Tear's tags, so it is with a heavy heart that I am leaving the bubble. Thanks for all the fun times and I wish you all well. <3
3rd-Aug-2013 12:37 am
contemptibility: (✛ the victims; they&#39;re taking our dreams)
This probably won't come as a surprise to some, since I've been in a slump for about a year now, but it's time to finally let Tiir go. And with that, I'll be dropping from Vatheon. It's been a good... three years and almost six months alskdj? Nostalgiaaaaa. I'm sad that I won't be making it to the very end, but unfortunately, I don't really have the inspiration for Tiir to pull through for that.

With that said, thank you to everyone who threaded with me/with whom I had CR. It's been a blast, Vatheon. ♥ Have a great endgame.

And don't do stupid things, Embryon—
31st-Jul-2013 07:33 pm
asea: (87)
Greetings, Vatheon!

August is just around the corner, so I'm here to say that I'm dropping Walter and, subsequently, the game. He's had a good run, I think, and I had a great year and a half here with him. Thank you all for that experience.

Have a wonderful endgame. (: See you all around.
31st-Jul-2013 07:04 am - -1 knight king
pendragon: (Default)
Iris here. Thanks so much for playing with me! I am dropping Saber here, who is my last since I already dropped Chizuru.

I was going on a planned hiatus soon for a month, and there's no point on going on it and then coming back when my motivation for the game has fallen out due to end game approaching. Saber was just starting to build CR, and I don't feel like she'll bring much to end game.

I really enjoyed my stay here, and I feel like it's been my first genuine RP home. Take care, everyone.
29th-Jul-2013 04:04 pm
reiks: (Default)
Hey all, Take here. With endgame indefinitely approaching and my overall interest in the remainder declining, I'll be dropping Hal and thus leaving the game. Thanks for having me here, it was fun while it lasted! Catch you all on the flipside.
29th-Jul-2013 12:12 pm - Hiatus + Drop
mysterical: (Default)
In light of the fact that RL has made tagging a pain staking endeavor, I'm going to have to take a hiatus in order to catch up. That'll affect Tear here starting today and lasting until about mid-August... I'll be replying to backtags, but that means that I won't be tagging anything new.

Also, I will be dropping Kanji [personal profile] sewdamncute because I can't keep up with two here and two at [community profile] luceti. I'm really sorry to all the CR he's built up in the short time he was here. It's just too much for me right now and I have to cut my loses somewhere. Thanks for understanding!

Tear will be on autopilot while I'm gone, probably trying to fix up her house.

11th-Jul-2013 11:46 pm - Droplets
ohshellno: (pic#6009390)
Hi guys!
Sorry to do this to you, but I'm letting Meenah go and thus dropping the game. Work recently got a lot busier for me aaaand it was a tough choice. I've had some lovely CR and if anyone would like to musebox hit me up.

Anyone who had a piercing thread with me is free to assume their characters were pierced, feel free to god mod Meenah a little in that regard but if you're stuck you can drop me a line.

It was great playing with you all, thanks for all the fun. <3
6th-Jul-2013 05:41 pm - drop
xxii_thefool: (it still awaits)
I'm sorry to say that I'll be dropping Minako. Everyone here has been amazing, but unfortunately I just don't seem to have the time and attention span at this point to contribute to Vatheon the way I should, and since that doesn't seem likely to improve any time soon, it's better for me to bow out now.

Thank you to everyone who's RPed with me. My apologies especially to the rest of the Persona cast - you guys are all amazing and I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to thread with you more!
25th-Jun-2013 08:11 pm - Drop
ladyinscarlet: (// sleeping)
Hey guys, I feel really sorry, but I'll be dropping An here, and with her, my last character in Vatheon. I saw this coming since a while now, and tried to give her a chance for my motivation to play her to come back, but it seems it didn't... *sighs* It was lovely RPing with all of you, and the CR An made here was beautiful. So the lovely red lady will be going home, but I'm still willing to finish her pending threads.

Love you and keep on having fun here! Maybe we'll meet again in this or another RPG!

♥ Lily
16th-Jun-2013 02:08 pm - drop
chainsmoke_king: sharper @ dw (pic#5489295)
Hey guys, Lauren here. Sorry to say this, but I'm gonna be letting Izumo go - at least for now. Been having trouble hearing his voice lately, and taking hiatus with him didn't help revive him so, rather than character squatting or forcing it I'm gonna drop and let someone else take him up if they'd like to.

I might bring in another HOMRA boy in his stead, but until then, everyone keep his bar clean and tidy please D:

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