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yukari "won't say i'm in love" takeba ღ ([personal profile] tsundyne) wrote in [community profile] vatheonooc2013-09-11 12:53 am
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hey, vatheon.

i honestly didn't mean to drag things out for so long and i suppose this has been a long time coming, but with ac ending and my motivation to stay at an all time low, i suppose it's best if i finally make this official.

with yukari out of the game, that officially puts me out too -- and i apologize for anyone i've unintentionally kept waiting or strung along.

this was the first game i ever apped into, and it's the game i lasted the longest in -- so thank you for all the cr, the memories, and for making me feel welcome. (:

best of luck... and i hope you guys have an amazing endgame. i wish i could have stayed for it.

- Amm
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;; tsunsis
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Thanks for the threads with me, Amm! They were really cute and fun. <3
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Yeah, that's fine with me! /o/
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Speaking of our thread, do you think it's wrapped up now?
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I miss Yukari loads and loads. And Selphie will super miss her too ;; And I will miss you!