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UPD8 (Soul Eater Spoilers)

Death the Kid is joining Maka Albarn on the 'We're Off To Be Canon-Updated And Changed Forever' train, choo-choo.

But no seriously when Kid gets back he's going to be a fully-realized god of death, which comes with AWESOME POWER that he isn't going to ever consciously use because wow no he loves humanity too much to turn them into mindlessly obedient puppets.

Because that power sure is a thing, apparently. Try not to mess up the Villa too much while the live-in maid he's gone!

Anyway, Kid doesn't want to ask how your sex life is going gosh see you in a few days!
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I still want to play with that power sometime

Rivalry level up! Because of course they'll need to fight once Kid gets back.
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Every excuse is a perfect excuse, though.
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about time

nice to see Kid's hypocrisy didn't level up with the rest of him

They're both getting more mature and it's adorable, basically
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hey god how about you turn stein into your mindless puppet okay?
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yes let's do this thing