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Hoodie-hoo, canon update time

Yep, Maka will be disappearing from the bubble TODAY to go on canon update trip through time yeah!!!

She'll be coming back into Vatheon three days later with a massive chest wound, whoops.

Uh, as for how that will be handled WHEN she comes back in Vatheon, let's just assume that Rin would immediately bring her to Miss C, though there will be a post with her that people can interact with when she gets back from update.

Anyway how is your sex life? have an awesome day, Vatheon.
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my sex life is fine tyvm

hey maka your chest got even more concave how'd that happen
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dont worry i can bring you back from the dead

i am very good at that
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wow you would rather stay dead what would your weapon+friends+family say about that?????
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wow terrible

what would your weapon say if he could hear you?????
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not if you have that attitude he wont
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wow maka u don't even know how vatheon works, clearly

wish upon all the stars and click your heels three times and you get a scythe
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wow rude i don't take medication i can't be controlled by drugs
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maybe she needs some medication

or just go pet the coral for a really long time
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/comes back crazy
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[personal profile] ourlegends 2013-05-26 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Makabear no, why a chest wound :c
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Sheesh Makabear you need to make better friends

also this one's sex life is nonexistant rn
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oh so the future brother-in-law didn't approve of you dating his little bro
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oh well

i'll protect you from the douchebag, Makabear ...

/yandere enough yet?
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nobody will ever hurt you, Maka, because I will be there to take care of all of it ~

if anyone even so much as touches you, I'll kill them. ♥