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Heads up!

So from now until the 29th, Bianca is going back home for a canon update!

She'll be at the end of the female route in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 and will be about 17 years old! Not much will change about her but she's a little more calmer compared to before!
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Hey there. My name's Jamarcus (Pit's mun). I just joined this game a few weeks ago. We haven't interacted much, but I look foward to these two meeting.
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I look forward to it! And I have one very, very, VERY weird question to ask you and I'm going to feel so weird asking you this, but... do you think there can be a ship between these two eventually? Nothing serious mind you. Just a bit of fluffy, puppy love.

...Okay, go ahead. Call me a weirdo.
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Darn! Eh, I kinda expected that. Oh well. I'm just glad I got that question off my chest. And yeah, I wouldn't mind these two being best friends. Just gotta warn you: My pokemon knowledge is kinda low. I stopped watching pokemon years ago.
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This is going to be fun!