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canon updoot!

So since a whole buncha shit has gone down since I apped her in, Roxy is finally going on a canon update! She'll be fast forwarding herself to the end of Act 6 Act 5, which means she's got all sorts of stories to tell when she gets back.

Also she'll be in fancy god pjs so that's cool.

ANYWHO she'll be back in a couple of days. :3

Oh yeah and Dirk is updating to the same point too, may as well toss that in to this post.

I need to make god tier icons.
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(also bask in the awesomeness of the poofy godtier shorts)
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DERSE4DEATH is probably just as accurate
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The hug-off is a sacred tradition that must be engaged in upon arrival or return to Vatheon. It is law. Also Dirk'll be I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T YOU WERE IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING CONDESCE
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that thing

let's not talk about that thing
let's forget that we ever made zilly santas

and that there were any marriage proposals made
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why yes my sword is and has always been awesome