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11th-Sep-2013 12:53 am - drop
tsundyne: (a drink)
hey, vatheon.

i honestly didn't mean to drag things out for so long and i suppose this has been a long time coming, but with ac ending and my motivation to stay at an all time low, i suppose it's best if i finally make this official.

with yukari out of the game, that officially puts me out too -- and i apologize for anyone i've unintentionally kept waiting or strung along.

this was the first game i ever apped into, and it's the game i lasted the longest in -- so thank you for all the cr, the memories, and for making me feel welcome. (:

best of luck... and i hope you guys have an amazing endgame. i wish i could have stayed for it.

- Amm
8th-Sep-2013 08:41 pm - mod update | 09/08/13
thalassino: (Default)

◣ Mod Update ◢

☆ News - - -

TAKEN CHARACTERS, PLAYER CONTACT, RESIDENCY POST, and other things have been updated.
Don't forget to comment to any of the pages if you have yet to do so!

Activity Check ends after Tuesday. If for some reason you are unable to make AC, then please come talk to us. We will give people a pass or an extension whenever it's needed. Thank you.

Keep an eye opened around the middle of the week. Something interesting might happen.

☆ Weather & Coral - - -

Island's Weather )

coral power )

☆ Plot - - -

All has been quiet still in the city. No glowing marks at midnight and no weird monster invasions. The Station Master does seem to be busy with putting something together.

( As always, if there are any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to post below or contact Dees, Mandie, Pan or Ten! )
6th-Sep-2013 10:37 pm - drop
thewinedude: (Default)
My dear darling Vatheon,

I was trying to stick with you all through endgame, but my school and work schedule is just destroying my free time. I've been on hiatus for a long while, but it wasn't enough to allow things to settle down so I could come back, so unfortunately I'm finally dropping completely with Mr. D (this guy) and Terra ([personal profile] terranullius).

I've met a lot of wonderful people during my short stay in the game, and thank you so much for being so welcoming and awesome. All my threads were golden, and really I'm sad I wasn't able to do more.

You guys were great! and I hope I'll be able to see you all around again sometime. I'll still be on [ profile] fantomfox if you ever need me. Take care~! <3
5th-Sep-2013 04:42 pm - Danger List
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◣ Danger List ◢

The danger list can be found below. These are people who either have not filled out the AC yet or have not fully completed it. Remember, a hiatus only counts if you've posted to the hiatus post.

Note, if you passed the AC through hiatus last round, you may find that your account is listed here now. This is because we do not longer allow people to pass more than one round of AC through hiatus in a row, without talking to us. In that event, please try to make AC, or if that is not possible, come to one of us to discuss the matter. We can still work this out, we just need to make sure people are still actually here and not just accidentally clogging up the lists. We are trying to be a bit more strict about this because the most frequent complaint we heard in the past was about character squatting, and we know how much of a frustration it can be to other cast members. You are always welcome to come speak with us if there were circumstances that needed dealing with!

danger list )

Please comment here if you have not done so yet! Please do not respond to any earlier comment, this complicates the counting process.

If there are any mistakes, or if there are any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact Dees, Mandie, Pan or Ten; or post them below!
4th-Sep-2013 10:37 pm - +1 more swimming derp
mamaorca: (Default)
 Hey Mo here! I'm bringing in my final character here, Makoto Tachibana from that fantastically fanservicey anime about half naked highschool boys, swimming and their feels.  Basically all you need to know about Mako here is that he is your mom and he's afraid of ghosts.

As always you can find me on plurk at [ profile] notanelf for plotting or chatting!
3rd-Sep-2013 02:03 pm - +1 swimming derp
augustpenguin: (♒ Forget what you see)
Good afternoon, Vatheon!

Jeni here, that mun of the many levels of derp (aka Rin, Hubert, Yashiro and N) back from my vacation and ready to get playing again!

And as an added bonus for my glorious return, I also bring you one last character!

So there's that anime. You know the one. With the guys. And the swimming. And there's a short blonde guy in their group who just barely nudges the line of 'shota'.

Yup. That guy. I'm bringing you the enthusiastic, often hyper and always adorable Nagisa Hazuki! He's dropping in the bubble at the end of episode 6 of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, so there might be some spoilers for the show in his posts, just fyi.

Once he's settled in he'll be happy to meet all these new people and make friends, and I'm excited to let him do just that!

Enjoy your new swimming derp!
2nd-Sep-2013 08:06 pm - lihegpoiahegpohaew
savemegermany: (panic!)
OMG. I am sorry for the unannounced hiatus, but I went into emergency con-prep mode for SacAnime. It was amazing btw. So worth it.

But I'm back. With Italy. I'm dropping Jasdero. I can't make AC with him. If there's a post you want Italy to pay attention to, please let me know! I'm pretty sure I missed so much by avoiding the internet.

1st-Sep-2013 01:50 am - /BODY SLAMS INTO THIS
brightasday: (Default)
Well, howdy do!

I know that the game is closing and all, but I have been wanting to rejoin this game for a long, long time. Once upon a time, a little player named Cyndi played Italy Romano. She brought him to the bubble and had to drop less than a month into playtime due to RL issues. She didn't come back since Other Things happened. Either way, she is here now!

Long story short, I bring ye all Monaka. She's a Very Important Person to a particular dark-haired exorcist dude. And she does happen to look an awful lot like the other exorcist chick who is all about flowers.

As a side note, I'm going to be a slow tagger but I'm trying not to be excruciatingly slow. Reasons? RL reasons, mostly, but they don't stop me from playing~. Either way, let's have fun! I look forward to playing with everyone!
1st-Sep-2013 12:33 am
rainbowarch: (Default)
Hey Vatheon.

It's been a good two years, but it's time for me to say goodbye to the game. I have lots of good memories of this place and I hope the game's ending will be amazing.

This means that both Cielo ([personal profile] rainbowarch) and Varric ([personal profile] embellisher) will both be leaving the bubble.

Thanks for the memories.

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◣ Activity Check ◢

✗ This is important! The ACTIVITY CHECK for August 10th to September 10th is starting today.


You may choose A, B, or C to pass:
A) Two Posts (with at least one reply) created by you in either the network or logs community.
B) One post created by you, and five of your comments on a thread in a different post
C) Fifteen of your comments total with two different characters

The threads can be from August 10th to September 10th in date. They do not have to have started within those dates; backtags are acceptable so long as they fall within this time span! Please, please comment to this with your characters information. As always, we will put up a warning list on the 5th.

If you passed your last AC on hiatus you have to post activity this AC period or else talk to us first in case this is not possible.


You are only exempt from the Activity Check if you:

A) Were accepted within the past app round. That is any character accepted in the month of PAST APP MONTH!
B) Posted on the HIATUS POST. Remember that you cannot pass two ACs with hiatus in a row.

Slowatuses do not count and you still must post to the AC!

Remember, if you somehow cannot fill these requirements, come to Dees, Mandie, Pan, or Ten about it and we will discuss it!

Use the following format to comment to the AC. If you are adding AC proof for additional characters at a later date, please do so in a completely new comment, rather than a reply to your old one or by editing:

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