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Kohaku Hearts | コハク・ハーツ ([personal profile] spiria) wrote in [community profile] vatheonooc 2013-10-01 02:20 am (UTC)

Kohaku and Hilda will more than likely be on Team 3.

Having Yuri involved with fighting is a little bit of a risk considering nobody knows what abilities she does have. She does want to help in some way though. I just can't be sure just what she did as an exorcist, so while I have an idea of what her skills may be, I really ... don't know for sure. So, uh, I guess feel free to suggest things she can aid with? She wants to protect her babies, 'kay.

As for staying or going after all is said and done ...

Kohaku will be incredibly conflicted and will probably stay if Shing does. It's a team decision on their part though. EDIT: THEY'RE PROBABLY STAYING.

Hilda will go home probably. She'll promise N that they'll meet again and go back to trying to find him in her own world. And then they'll start on the way home and land themselves somewhere else entirely. (HINT: [community profile] thebastion)

Yuri will stay if her boys do. She has a chance to be a mother to her boys and she's damn well going to take it if they decide to stay.

Additionally, I know I've been absent a lot over the past several months and this is another case where I can't promise how active I will be. I just started school again, and I'm also dealing with a prolonged injury that makes it very difficult to type, so while I really want to be as involved as I can, there is a very big chance that my arm will be in pain, or I'll have homework, or something outside of RP will happen that makes it difficult. General Warning when dealing with my characters.

I said it over plurk already, but I feel I need to say it again. Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful two years. My two year anniversary was September 22nd, and I can't express just how amazing the entire ride has been. I had some of the most wonderful CR, made some amazing friends, and I've had a blast playing my ladies among all of you. ♥

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