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Mephisto will be a silent spectator in all this. He's more of a watcher, really... but he will be ordering Amaimon off to raise hell with the scientists. Just for payback, of course. No one suppresses the King of Time and Space and gets away with it.

After all is said and done, his Infinity Key will be connected to the Villa. His castmates will have to ask nicely in order to get a copy. he'll give one anyway because may it never be said that aniue never did anything for you lot. He returns to Vat on occasion because Shiro's there.


Mikoto is part of Team Two. In the end, he chooses to stay because he's pretty much dead if he goes home. He will give Anna and the other living HOMRA members the option to go home if they want to or to tell them how to get to Vat. Problem solved.
He also tells someone to tell Izumo his bar is still in one piece and they need a new bartender because...


Ronald in the end decides to go home too. As much as he likes his life here, he's a little homesick. He comes back on occasion because it's actually more fun in Vat. On the weekends, he still tends at HOMRA.
Before he leaves though, he searches out a certain someone at the Villa. His final words are "If we ever meet again, either here or somewhere else, remind me I've got something to tell you." before hugging him and running off.

I'm still open for logging, if you lot are up to it but I want to say thank you to everyone for making this the most memorable two years ever. It's been wonderful.

I also especially want to thank my cast for putting up with me. You lot are amazing and I couldn't ask for better.

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