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Marceline the Vampire Queen ([personal profile] redboots) wrote in [community profile] vatheonooc 2013-10-01 01:48 am (UTC)

Logging available

I'm perfectly happy to do some last minute logs with any and all of my characters for some last minute Vatheon RPing! All three of my characters want to be involved with this shit, so here's what's up:

Darkleer is going to be part of the eventual team that heads to the scientists, accompanied by RoboEquius. He'll try to be leading a team preferably to cut off any escape routes the scientists might have on their island.

Marceline will- hopefully if Honchbutt gets to me- be one half of a hard hitting team to just go in and wreck as much shit/people as possible. I'll definitely have her open for an aftermath sort of thing, however, if there's anyone who wants to meet up with her in the wreckage of busted up computers and a body or two.

Saix is staying back in Vatheon, but not to deal with the Head Nurse. He'll be trying to help keep the Corridors of Darkness open between Vatheon's island and the scientists' island. Due to past shenanigans that have happened, he'll be a bit weak. Feel free to pester him during or after!

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