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Karkat Vantas ♋ carcinoGeneticist ([personal profile] bethehugejerk) wrote in [community profile] vatheonooc2013-07-22 06:26 pm
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As some of you have heard or probably noticed by now, my motivation for this game has sunk into a deep, dark pit and I haven't been able to pull it back out. But thanks to the suggestion of Eridan's mun, I've decided to give a canon update a try. I'm pretty sure this should help! I'm already excited about it, and it'll shake things up/remove the stale, stagnant feeling that was bogging me down.

That said, Karkat will be disappearing tomorrow morning (Tuesday the 23rd), and will be gone a week or so, depending how long it takes me to review. He'll be updated to his most recent appearance in canon, which - highlight for spoilers - [is after being killed and revived by Jane.] Fun times.

Unfortunately, I'll be dropping my current threads due to the aforementioned lack of motivation for things as they are. Do go ahead and asked if you want to work out some conclusion for how they would have gone!

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