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September 16th, 2013 
bethehugejerk: (Default)
I am dropping Karkat.

A while back my interest in the game had dwindled, and I canon updated to see if it would help spark interest again. It did, for a while! But lately that interest has largely disappeared, and this recent plot stuff has hammered in that yeah, I just don't have the interest to stick around. Karkat should be doing big, leaderly plotting things, but I'd have to force myself to make him do it, it feels like. It wouldn't be fun for me, and I imagine it wouldn't make for fun, quality stuff to play against, either.

So rather than drag it out, as said, I'm dropping. This will put me out of the game (and out of any games at all, for the moment).

But I do want to say thank you! This game has been my home game for quite a while - for most of the two years and eight and a half months I've been here. (I got accepted back on New Year's Day of 2011.) I've had a lot of fun with people, put Karkat through a lot of development, and had tons of cool CR both negative, positive, and everything in between. Sorry to those who will miss me and wanted to do more with Karkat, and to those who may have wanted more CR or who wanted it but didn't get the chance.

Hopefully we'll meet up in another game someday.
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