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6th-Feb-2013 10:55 pm - Canon Update!
dwightandclean: (Default)
Okay! So, Dwight's going for a canon update (hopefully I did this right, modlettes <_>!!!) and will be gone for the next three days. He's coming back a little frazzled but still alive hopefully- sob freakin' cliffhanger endings

Oh and he gets a haircut...but is still sexy~~~
13th-Jan-2013 01:22 pm - Canon Update
dashingloyalty: (Honorary Strider!)
Sup, y'all! This is Ryuu, and I'm letting you guys know that Rainbow Dash is getting canon updated to season three, episode eight: Wonderbolts Academy, and BOY will she have stories to share!!! She'll be back around the 16th. :3
11th-Nov-2012 01:29 pm - Canon update
seeriouswizness: Unless otherwise stated. (Default)
So Rose here is going to be sent on a little canon update. Not much is going to be changing, but she will get to see and know a bit more. She'll also be a little older. She'll be coming from Act 6 Act 3 now.
9th-Nov-2012 11:36 pm - BEEP BEEP CANON UPDATE
spacecase: (Default)
Wow I never thought I'd get to do this. so let's do it before I forget about it!!!

Yep, Jade's going home for a bit for some quality canon time. What's changing? Nothing too much, just a little more chill with people throwing tantrums (hi baby brother) and two years older. Welp.

Aaaanyway since it's still Friday for me, she'll be gone today and back on Sunday, maybe.
8th-Nov-2012 06:38 pm - Canon Update x2
dolljudas: (Bloody)
As of the 10th, this Saturday, Riff/Riffael will be headed home for an update. This update includes finding out he was never really alive to begin with, but a re-animated corpse called a 'deadly doll' (glorified zombie). Also (and more importantly) Riffael will be dead thanks to Riff just...mentally killing him, so no more mass murderer, sorry. Last, but not least, he'll be coming in from his second death involving melting/glass shards in his back, so that'll be fun.

But that's not all!

Johnny's also going home (on the 11th) to find out, unlike Riff, that he's actually still alive....and being held hostage. There are no nice things in Vassalord. Johnny's discoveries include skeevy/bad-touching priests, evil shotas, and Johnny!replicas all over the place because one wasn't enough, apparently.

While Riff will be back in the three days as normal, Johnny won't be back till the 17th. Frankly, I'm sparklepire'd-out and need a chance to recharge.

So, yes, this effects: [personal profile] not_heavens_adam and [personal profile] dolljudas/[personal profile] loyaljudas

21st-Oct-2012 07:15 pm - Canon update!
sorcery_fledgling: (LOLWTF)
It's Rinoa's turn!

Starting Tuesday, October 23 (as in this upcoming Tuesday), Rinoa will be sent home for a canon update. More info is here, but basically, she's going to do a lot of growing up in between being possessed, getting her ass rescued twice, and then finding out her ex is actually kind of fucking insane now. So she's not gonna be real thrilled when she returns on Friday, the 26th of this month.

Thought I'd put this up in advance so her CR had more warning!
12th-Sep-2012 11:56 am - COMBO
rainbowarch: (☈ - ...her arms are too thick...)

Both Squall ([personal profile] unshelledbullet) and Cielo ([personal profile] rainbowarch) are leaving for a canon update! Squall's new canon point will be after he returns to solid ground from space in the awesome dragon shaped airship known as the Ragnarok and Cielo will from DDS2, post Airport, right before the endgame dungeon.


It'll only be a short three day absence for these two. I'm still going to backtag ongoing threads.

7th-Sep-2012 12:32 pm - just letting folks know
takesyoubytheheart: (Sending In The Mouse)
 I'm canon-updating his royal highness to the end of Dream Drop Distance! He'll be back around Monday, if I'm doing the counting right. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but if there's stuff you absolutely do not want me to mention to certain characters or whatever, let me know.

you key kids be good while i'm away >_>
2nd-Sep-2012 11:45 am - poofing time
contemptibility: (✛ remember; one day it&#39;ll all just end)
'Sup, Vatheon. This is Jan, starting school, so between orientation week and adjusting, the internet and I won't have much time to bond. Therefore, I'm calling an hiatus for the next two weeks. o/

Tiir here will be going on a canon update! He might come back before the full two weeks, but for now, he's heading home to be stabbed repeatedly and all that nice stuff that happens when you go up against the biggest godmod in a series of godmods. Fun times.

Anyhow, see you in two weeks, Vat! ♥
bufudine: (oh. I guess I was :|)
Hey, it's Ten here, interrupting the flow of intros :>

Starting next week, I'm gonna be on teaching prac, so Serph here's gonna be saying bye-bye to the bubble for a little canon update! When he returns, he'll be from the point where DDS2 starts making you cry continuously for like, the next 15-20 hours as Atlus piles on sadness after sadness, i.e. his new canon point will be the EGG facility.

Serph will be gone from August 27th to September 15th. I'll still try to tag at night, but I'm going to call a hiatus to be safe!
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