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Mod Update- End Game

First and foremost we would like to apologize; we wound up busier with real life circumstances than we had initially anticipated. We haven’t the time or energy to devote to the game that we thought we would. We had plans and were hoping to carry them out so everyone would be satisfied, but we have to do things a little differently.

On that note, we are giving everyone the ending of the game.

What you do with the ending or how your character plays a role in it is up to you, the player. Given our circumstances outside of game though, we will not be playing any of the NPCs for the event. You are more then welcome to play it out if you wish and NPC the Scientists as you see fit.

Think of this almost as a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of ending.

Team One:

The information that has been brought out during the last Station Master session is that the Scientists are south from the outside barrier surrounding the Island. It appears they are on an Island on their own just out of sight from Vatheon’s Island. There will need to be a team to get through the barrier to get to the Scientists there to, hopefully, apprehend them and bring them to justice. The Station Master wants them to answer for what they have done.

If using the Corridors were the plan, then sending someone ahead of time to run recon of how far the Island is would be a good thing to do. Going gung-ho would also be an option. It’s entirely up to anyone involved.

There is also a broken submarine characters can fix up in the old Lab.

Those are just suggestions and there are other ways to go about this as well if anyone chooses to be part of the break-out-of-the-barrier-to-get-to-the-scientists team.

Team Two:

There is the problem of Fluffy guarding the barrier. A team needs to injure, kill, or otherwise subdue the giant Mosasaur. This should be accomplished while Team One is breaking through the other barrier.

Team Three:

Team Three will need to guard the City as well as go after the Head Nurse. This should happen at the same time that Team One has landed on the Island. They need to take out the Head Nurse and the Scientists close to the same time in order to keep one from tipping off the other. She may use curses to get the upper hand and, if her April Fool’s Day prank was anything to go from, is very ruthless.

When everyone has finished their parts with the Head Nurse either disposed of or apprehended and the Scientists all locked up in the old Lab back on Vatheon Island, the Station Master will contact the outside to get authorities to send boats to Island.

Everyone will have a choice to stay in the world that Vatheon is part of or go back home.

If they stay in Vatheon, they may explore the rest of the world when transport arrives. They may find themselves leaving the Island with a number of locals who are no longer unthinking sheep that worship the Coral. The City of Vatheon will also remain in case any one wishes to remain there or on the Island.

Those who return home simply do that. Return home.

Those who have been part of Vatheon in the past and are no longer there may return to the City as well whenever they choose.

Again, we the mods are unable to handle helping out with playing out any of this, and will leave it up to you, the players, to play out or do with this information as you please. You may even just handwave it all as being finished. We are sorry we couldn’t go further with this.

With that we would like you to thank you all for being a part of Vatheon.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Rin is, with some hesitance, going to stay so long as Maka and Kid wish to stay with him. He'll say goodbye to his friends and family that aren't staying as needed of course. He's going to do what he can and will likely assist Team 3.

Hubert will go home, but he'll also assist Team 3.

Yashiro will stay since he's more or less dead back home anyway, and will help Team 1.

Nagisa wants to go home with Makoto, but he'll help and use his mad swimming skills to help Team 2.

N will stay or go depending on Hilda's decision. But he will help any team that will need use of a giant legendary dragon and an awesome dark fox.


I don't have enough words or proper coherency through my tears to tell you all how much you mean to me, and how damned grateful I am that I got the chance to play her. The CR I made with each and every one of you has been amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Thank you, all of you, for playing with me, putting up with my insanity and generally just giving me the greatest things any RPer could ever hope for.
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keepsthefire: ([✠] =flames: we'll win together!)

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and rin too
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keepsthefire: ([✠] best hugs)

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It's still awesome ok