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mod update | 8/18/13

◣ Mod Update ◢

☆ News - - -

TAKEN CHARACTERS, PLAYER CONTACT, RESIDENCY POST, and other things have been updated.
Don't forget to comment to any of the pages if you have yet to do so!

Applications open later this week.

☆ Weather & Coral - - -

HI: 83°F/28.3°C | HI: 82°F/27.8°C | HI: 78°F/25.6°C | HI: 81°F/27.2°C | HI: 79°F/26.1°C | HI: 75°F/23.9°C | HI: 76°F/24.4°C
LO: 50°F/10.0°C | LO: 52°F/11.1°C | LO: 55°F/12.8°C | LO: 51°F/10.6°C | LO: 49°F/9.4°C | LO: 53°F/11.7°C | LO: 52°F/11.1°C

85% POWER | 88% POWER | 90% POWER | 92% POWER | 95% POWER | 98% POWER | 100% POWER

☆ Plot - - -

The marks will glow at midnight signaling another curse. They are still in their own bodies, haven’t spouted animal parts, and are the same age. They haven’t caught a mysterious illness or aren’t compelled to tell the truth.

It’s just a bubble. It’s just a harmless bubble hovering above or behind each character. Touching it or waving it away does nothing. It will still persist it’s following and it might feel cold, wet, sticky, or gross to the touch, but it doesn’t vanish.

Well, it’s harmless physically, but the bubble will start broadcasting character’s thoughts and moods. It shares mostly their surface thoughts. The extent is up to each player about how much is shown of each thought. An example would be if someone thinks that Serph’s butt look big in his armor panties and the bubble flashing the statement or an image of his butt.

It’s up to the players how their character’s thoughts are shown. If it shows words, colors, pictures, shapes, scribbles, or anything else one can think of.

As an additional note: please don't add thoughts for someone else's character. It'd be best to wait for the cues from them as to what their character is thinking! Likewise, this curse is completely optional, so if you don't want your character to have the thought bubbles, that's perfectly fine.

Remember to please tag all curse posts as !curse 48: Thought Bubble

( As always, if there are any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to post below or contact Dees, Mandie, Pan or Ten! )

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