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Have you made your list and checked it twice?


It's nearing that time of year, Vatheon! Some of the characters are into it, and some of them are not. Regardless, for all of those who've thought of gifts to give to their character's CR, this post is your place!

Post here with a list of what your character is getting for others on Christmas Day! Feel free to leave any notes in your lists.

Happy holidays to everyone in Vatheon!
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Vanitas, Hayner, Faris and Selim

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Marked anomynous and wrapped in some fishy wrapping paper (courtesy of the locals)

For Kuro- Five skeleton fish cat toys.

For Kid- This squish stuffed animal with five legs?

For Night- A sweat shirt that was pink with white polka-dots. It has "I love dogs" on the back of it.

For Serph- This thing. But he doesn't care or anything. It's just that Serph was the first to ask something interesting.
For Sora- Jingle jingle

For Roxas- Sparkle bandaids

For Riku- Look how it sparkles

For Rin- This necklace, and some chocolate coal

For Alister- This Sweater Vest thing

From Hayner to Sora- this and

From Hayner to Roxas- A stack of different movies, a miniature clock tower, and this thing.
This was put with Roxas' gift but for Axel. Still isn't sure how to feel about Axel -->  This one.

 Rinoa- A long purple and blue scarf. A whistle. A small blow horn. And a 

Gracia- A collection of cook books with plenty of pictures showing methods and easy instructions. There was a scarf and a bucket full of cleaning products.

Dirk- Orange and white striped scarf and an invitation to pizza.

Namine- A stack of funny fairy tale movies.

Darkleer- Whatever Vatheon's version of legos/duplos/kinex.

Luffy- MEAT

Sophie- Tickets to the Carnival, cat toys for Tiger Festival, and a couple of family friendly movies with adventure.

Selphie- A memory book and a night light to help her sleep. He isn't sure if she remembers him or anything yet, but she was still one of the first few friends he met.

Demyx- A BUNCH OF STUFF MAN. (the player will be notified)

Ioder-  Sketch book, drawing supplies, and a reminder to sleep.

Laharl- Candy and a rabbit toy.

Ciel- Tea and a bear dressed as Alice. <3

Willy!- A spy glass and a small wooden trunk to stash stuff because he seems to like being all quiet and secretive so he can store anything he wants hidden in it (Like that stash of photos)

Anyone who ever interacted with the pirate- Chocolate Gold Coins.


Edward Elric gets candy and a watermelon \o/

Kimblee gets a bunch of ties.

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Re: Vanitas, Hayner, Faris and Selim

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Hayner pls
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Re: Vanitas, Hayner, Faris and Selim

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DUDE. Look at them. You can build fish and aquatic castle with these things.